U.S. Immigration Services


Lodestone designs immigration pathways with purpose to meet the challenges of clients around the world. Our approach is unique, as it carefully considers how immediate immigration processes may advance or hinder our clients' long-term goals. Technology supports our unwavering commitment to service, as we lead our clients through the unsteady political landscape of the U.S. immigration system. 

Greater Personalized Strategy, Results in Greater Client Success  

Here's how we can help: 

We recognize that each of our clients' journeys are unique because their pathways were influenced by diverse circumstances. We reject the "one size fits most" modern template approach to immigration adopted by well-intended sponsoring employers and advisors. Why? Because we have first-hand knowledge of the devastating consequences. We honor the exceptional sacrifices our clients and their families have made by investing the necessary time to inform our clients of all options. We do this by offering flat-fee billing rates for most services that include unlimited appointments with attorneys. 

When the winds of change and opportunity redirect plans, immigration paperwork should not impede ambition.

We understand the winds of change and opportunity may redirect plans. Lodestone Legal reliably navigates the available immigration pathways to ensure each client maintains their right to strategically influence their future and control their status. Much like compasses and maps once empowered people to seize control of their destinies, Lodestone Legal provides professionals with the knowledge, insights, and services essential for taking command of their futures in the United States.