Why Lodestone Legal?

We're the Solution to the Immigration Equation. 

The name Lodestone Legal perfectly captures the essence of our mission and our commitment to solving our clients Immigration Equation. 

As compasses and maps once allowed people take their futures into their own hands, it is Lodestone Legal's goal to provide professionals with the opportunities and knowledge needed to gain control over their careers and future in the United States.  We recognize that each of our clients' journeys are unique because the pathways they have planned were influenced by diverse circumstances. We reject the "one size fits most" modern AI and template approach to immigration adopted by well-intended sponsoring employers because we have first-hand experience with the devastating consequences. We honor the exceptional sacrifices our clients and their families have made by investing the necessary time to inform our clients of all options. We do this by offering flat-fee billing rates for most services that include unlimited appointments with attorneys. Our clients are ambitious and courageous. We understand the winds of change and opportunity may redirect plans, but Lodestone Legal will reliably navigate the available pathways to ensure each client maintains their right to strategically influence their future and control their immigration status in the United States.

The Immigration Equation = Lodestone Legal  

The U.S. immigration system is incredibly complex and constantly changing.  It is not merely law and regulation. Rather, the U.S. immigration system is the living, breathing  intricate interplay of factors such as politics, border control, economics, humanitarian concerns, family unity, cultural values, and public opinion.  It's chaotic. 

Lodestone Legal, monitors these factors, makes educated predictions, and then incorporates such predictions into our clients' legal strategies. An Equation is a statement where the values of two different mathematical expressions are equal, as indicated by the = sign. Lodestone Legal makes sense of the messy factors and chaotic variables. We bring our clients clarity and peace in a turbulent immigration climate. We work hard to make it simple. 

What is a Lodestone?

Lodestones are naturally occurring magnets. They are rare pieces of the mineral magnetite and were used as early compasses in antiquity. Ancient explorers learned a carefully chiseled and suspended lodestone would align its axis to North-South guiding their travel. The importance of these stones in determining the course of navigation is indicated by the choice of name, lodestone, as "lode" is derived from a word meaning journey, course, or the way.

The lodestone's rich history perfectly embodies our mission and goals as immigration consultants and service providers. 

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The value, use, and legend of the lodestone is well documented across cultures and history. It is said that Chinese Emperor Huang-t in 2700 B.C.E. used a magical stone hung from his carriage to gain a tactical advantage over his enemies. Mesoamerican sculptures from 100 B.C.E. include magnetized lodestone, hypothesized to guide the dead in the afterlife. Lodestones are referenced in writings by Homer, Plato, and Aristotle, and are well documented across the Middle East, Africa, and by the Indigenous peoples of Australia.  

Over thousands of years these earliest explores used lodestone compasses in their journeys and created increasingly accurate world maps. In ancient times maps were more than directions to a destination, they were a status symbol of power, wealth, and command. A compass and map gave the courageous the power to control where their boundaries laid and what their destinies would be.